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 TV & Films related to internal communication (e.g. reorganisation, change management and training programmes) cannot be shown.




Produced for: Royal Dutch Rescue Company - KNRM

Assignment / Mission: Recruitment of new donors and volunteers. Strengthening the image of the KNRM by means of a 'staged' rescue operation. A campaign in which various rescue workers (volunteers and employees) fulfilled their craftsmanship at sea and on the coast (Dutch Coast Guard). As one team, safe, fast and professional!

Recording location(s): North Sea and Port of Den Helder

Target group: Donors and Volunteers


Koninklijke Luchtmacht

 Royal Netherlands Air Force

Client: Air Force - National Military Museum - NMM

Commission / Mission: A restoration of the 'Havilland Tiger Moth'. This aircraft has been restored to its original state within 7 months. The video registration was interspersed with interviews, after which the final result was soon delivered. This documentary can be seen entirely in the new and modern National Military Museum in Soest.

Recording location(s): Hoogeveen - Drenthe

Target group: Museum public and Museum documentation - film archive.


Largest railway bridge in Europe over A1

Produced for: Rijkswaterstaat - RWS

Commission / Mission: Provision of information on construction, progress, diversions and exceptional transports.

Recording location(s): Muiderberg - North Holland

Target group: Local population, Travellers/Forenzians, NOS News viewers



Audi A6 Avant

Freework / Mission: Concerns a 4K film camera test from roughly filmed media edited. A short impression of a station wagon. Made available by Martin Schilder/Broekhuis Alkmaar, car dealer of a.o. Volkswagen - Audi - Skoda - SEAT.

Recording location(s): Alkmaar area - NH

Target group: Film and car enthusiast